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"Hello. You have reached Matsukawa Yuuta. Please leave a message and I shall get back to you as soon as possible."

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action, but gone without a trace

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[ SURPRISE it's your secret santa!

A box of treats wound up on your doorstep around December 25th. Because there was no specific list of desires, Tonika covered all the basis. Treats occupy one corner, chocolate dipped pretzels and peanut clusters and truffles. In another, a scarf in blue and white has been folded up carefully so that when he pulls it out, the entire length and density of it will be more than surprising. The bottom left corner has her letter saying this was from Secret Santa and a few things she feels are helpful for the winter weather. Lip balm for the cold, dry air and a few mixes for hot cocoa. The final one... well, it was a hard pick, but on her quest for finding gifts, Tonika found several iron-on patches that range from proper oldschool to punkish, to decorate his stuff as he pleases. ]