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Yuuta looks like most other young Japanese men: with dark hair and eyes, he is somewhat short and on the lean side. Due to his upbringing, he is more formal than most in his manner and dress. He has excellent posture, is restrained in his movements, and does not often raise his voice. While proficient in English, he does have a slight accent. When speaking Japanese, he speaks with a Kyushu dialect from growing up in Nagasaki (though this will not be heard when mass translators are present).

He always tries to make sure that his clothing is neat and well-cared for. He prefers wearing jeans and shirts, but often wears slacks and buttoned down shirts for school and work. He gets cold easily, so he often dresses in layers, liking sweaters and scarves. He is also comfortable in traditional clothing, like yukatas. He prefers to have a bit longer of a hairstyle, and despite his best efforts, his hair always looks a little tousled because of how thin and wispy it is. One distinguishing feature he has is a small mole on his chin.

While not a fidgety person, he has a habit of biting his lip when he is thinking hard or is nervous and pinches the bridge of his nose when he is annoyed.


A bit of a loner and very serious, Yuuta prefers to be by himself and does not like to let others get involved in his personal life (or lack of one). This mostly stems from his trust issues: he would rather be the person who keeps others at a distance than be the person who gets hurt.

Though he does his best not to outwardly express it, he can be a bit suspicious of others and paranoid as well. When it was revealed that his father was a member of the yakuza, Yuuta’s image of him and many other aspects of his life were shattered. He realized that anyone he got close to could negatively affect his life. This led him to isolating himself in many ways and as a result, he puts a lot unnecessary of stress on himself trying to do everything on his own.

For those who can get under his skin and become friends with him, they’ll find someone who is loyal and dependable, and is willing to go great lengths for them, though he will try to play it down and say that it was nothing. The most important thing to him his family and he would drop everything for them, with the exception of his father. Yuuta holds a lot of bitterness towards him, which is the main source of his distrust towards others.

Overall, he is quiet, reserved, and dislikes noise, chaos, and things not going according to plan.

While he does not have much of a temper, Yuuta is the kind of person who has the bad habit of bottling up his emotions and letting things fester. He would rather keep secrets than open up and trust someone enough to let them know what he really feels or admit that he needs help.

Intelligent and ambitious, Yuuta’s main strengths are in science, technology, and math. Mostly self-taught, he is quick to pick up on all sorts of concepts and theories and puts a lot of energy into studying. He is one of those people who stubbornly puts his whole being into his goals, not satisfied until he feels that he did the best that he could. His main goal in his life is to obtain his master’s degree in environmental science and conservation so he can help improve recycling techniques and make breakthroughs in protecting endangered species. He has loved nature since he was a child and the thought that it could be destroyed by carelessness concerns him greatly.

Interested in a lot of things, Yuuta is a very avid reader and will pick up any kind of book that is interesting—history, technical books, foreign novels, and more. He is also knowledgeable in traditional Japanese myths, legends, folklore, and superstitions. This is more out of necessity due to his powers than pure interest and he makes sure not to advertise it.

In high school, he was also a member of the science club and participated in a tea ceremony club. Once he started university, he rejoined those clubs once more.


Luckily, Yuuta’s world is pretty much exactly like our own. Even though he sees spirits and can communicate with them, his situation is the same as many of those in our world who claim to have the same powers: there are skeptics and no real way to prove his abilities scientifically, but there are others who do believe without proof.

Growing up in Nagasaki during the 1990s and early 2000s, he saw a decline in economic growth after a long-running “bubble economy” and political turmoil due to scandals, reactions to disasters both man-made and natural, and general world events.

Despite his powers, Yuuta still grew up as an average kid in 1990s Japan, living in the suburbs with dreams of going to a university to further his education.


As the youngest of four, Yuuta was somewhat the baby of the family, but got along with his three older brothers. He was closest to Haurto, his oldest brother, whom he idolized as a hero. He was also close to his grandparents and loved visiting them during summer breaks. Listening to their stories was among some of his favorite things to do. His paternal grandmother also taught him how to cook and shared her love for tea ceremony, hobbies he continues to enjoy.

It also turned out that his maternal grandmother shared something with him as well: the ability to see ghosts and other supernatural beings. Though she was able to teach him how to use and control his powers, this did not prevent spirits of all sorts from hanging around to him. His powers got stronger as he got older and he was eventually able to defend himself, but a few close calls instilled a deep fear for all spirits.

Having spirits hanging around him caused many disruptions in his life. Despite being a good student and well-behaved, trying to ignore spirits outside of his home caused some to label him as ‘weird’ or ‘troublemaker’. These views were difficult to get rid of for a while and in the end, he denied that he believed in them or could see ghosts.

While his childhood was happy for the most part, his life took a turn when he was twelve years old. While the rest of his family went out for errands, Yuuta stayed home with a cold. When Haruto got off school, he skipped his clubs to look after him. It would have been a typical day, except that when Haruto came home, he was at gunpoint. The assailant then dragged them around the city and led the police on a wild chase.

Still sick, Yuuta did not remember much of the event, except for when Haruto fought back and got injured because of it. Police closing in, the kidnapper committed suicide, leaving many unanswered questions. For many years, Yuuta felt guilty for Haruto’s paralysis, despite Haurto telling him that he would do it again without a second thought.

After this, bad luck seemed to follow Yuuta: more spirits came after him, teasing and bullying increased, and more. Coping the best he could, be became more withdrawn and solitary.

As he and his brothers got older, their father started to have longer hours and bring over “clients” and “business associates” for meetings. Once again chasing a minor spirit from their house, Yuuta overheard his father and his business associates discussing something he could only describe as “illegal”. He told his brothers, but they did not know what to do—Yuuta could have misheard or misunderstood, after all.

Things continued to be fishy, until one afternoon, their father returned home with a bloodied lip. Concerned, their mother tried to find out what happened, but their father pushed her away and refused to tell them anything. Worried that something dangerous was going on and that her husband was in trouble, their mother sought out her father to use his connections in the Japanese Parliament to start an investigation.

Weeks passed and nothing came up, until she got a devastating phone call. Her husband was in trouble, but he was not the victim. Instead, police had discovered that her husband was part of the yakuza and had broken their code of honor, making him a target for retaliation. The police had already regarded him as a person of interest in many violent crimes, but had no reason to actively look into him before now.

Quick to take action, Yuuta’s mother filed for divorce and full custody of Yuuta, as he was still considered a minor. Nevertheless, the court case and investigation caused a huge scandal once it became public knowledge. Life for Yuuta and his family became difficult when they agreed to cooperate with authorities against his father and the yakuza. His brothers, who had already moved out and started their own families, were able to distance themselves as the case dragged on.

Once he graduated high school, Yuuta wanted to stay with his mother so she would not have to fend for herself, but she convinced him to move to Sapporo where there was less of a yakuza presence. There, he decided to take on what may come at him and hopes to move on from these events, though he still awaits for the day of his father's incarceration.


Since he was young, Yuuta had the ability to see and communicate with all sorts of spirits and beings, a trait he inherited from his maternal grandmother. Unlike some, he does not need to perform any séances or rituals to establish contact. If the spirit is in this world, then it is just like he is talking to or seeing a living person or object. However, not all ghosts and spirits want to be seen or can be seen right away. He can still sense them with the classic signs and reactions of a haunting: he’ll feel colder, a shiver will go down his spine, he will feel that something is wrong, etc.

Trained by his grandmother in various rites and rituals of both Shintoism and Buddhism, he is able to exorcise spirits through the use of chants and purification rituals. Most of what he does is defensive and he is not the most powerful exorcist ever. If he runs across a spirit more powerful than he or one that is particularly determined, he’ll have trouble with it. His main tools are sutras and salt, but he’s open minded to other ways that might help.

Besides this, his abilities are rather normal. He is handy with a computer, takes excellent notes, has a high reading speed and comprehension rate, and has always gotten good grades. Due to his studies in high school, he is also can speak English pretty well, but idioms and slang tends to fly over his head.


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